Post Implementation Review: How to conduct and its Benefits

A Post Implementation Review after the project completion is a great way to ensure that the changes you made on your project are working properly. It can also help you identify other areas where your need to make improvements.

Many companies conduct post-implementation reviews when they are in the process of implementing a new system or process. These reviews help management to understand what went well with the implementation. It also identifies areas where you need to make improvements.

What is Post Implementation review?

Post Implementation Review is a process of reviewing the final stages of work after it has been completed. It usually takes place between two to three months following project completion or product delivery.

Conducting a post-implementation review may help to reduce the cost for your company. And it will also increase ROI in the long term because it will give you more insight into how your users behave.

The aim of this activity is to find out whether the objectives set for the project were achieved. In addition, it also identifies the lessons learned during implementation that you can use in future projects/initiatives.

Post Implementation reviews are also known as “Lessons Learned Reviews”. This type of post-project evaluation provides an opportunity to obtain feedback from all stakeholders involved. So that, they uncover problems with solutions that you have to do differently.

How to conduct post implementation review:

Most of the companies conduct post-implementation reviews after they complete the activity to provide organizations with a chance for learning and improvement. It helps in identifying the positive consequences of implementing particular actions. While it also helps to identify areas that you can improve upon or need further attention.

Here are some best practices for conducting post-implementation review;

Trust: You need to ensure that your team is trusted and allowed to share their honest opinion. This will ensure that you get a real and accurate picture of how the project went.

Invest: It is important to invest time into conducting post implementation reviews. This will help in identifying areas that you can improve upon or need further attention.

Objectives: You need to make sure that all team members know what you expect from them and their roles. This will ensure they are on the same page throughout the review.

Hindsight: You need to conduct this activity with the perspective that hindsight is 20/20. You should try and think about how you would have done things differently in hindsight.

Documentation: You need to document all findings throughout your post implementation review. This will help you in getting a more accurate picture of what happened and where things could have gone better.

Improvements: Make improvements to your processes based on the findings, suggestions, and lessons learned. This will help ensure that you are getting better at what you do and you are constantly moving forward.

Review: You need to make sure that the team reviews findings, suggestions, and lessons learned at least once a month until implementation is complete. This will ensure that things keep improving and you get a real picture of what is happening progress-wise.

Post implementation review not only provides organizations with a chance for learning and improvement. But it also helps in understanding what went right as well as where things could have gone better.

Benefits of post implementation review:

The Post Implementation Review is important because it helps you gain valuable insight into what that every company must need to become successful.

Post Implementation Reviews should take place as soon as possible after the project has been completed. The sooner you do this, the better it is. This will give your company a competitive advantage and allow them to keep up with changes in its industry.

It’s a good idea to set up a schedule of regular reviews. So that they become part of an ongoing process and not just one-off events. Regular reviews can help identify new opportunities for improvement or trouble spots before they get out of hand.

Here are some benefits of post implementation review:

Reduces cost: Conducting reviews regularly can help reduce costs for your company in the long run.

Helps improve ROI: It also results in an increase in Return on Investment (ROI). Because it gives companies more insight into how their projects are going.

Increases productivity: This also allows for changes or improvements were needed which will lead to increased productivity within a company’s workforce.

Reduces risk factors: By identifying these problems early on, you can take action before they become too big. This results in less expensive risks or losses later on down the road.


Post Implementation Review is essential for effective and efficient project implementation. It helps identify the positive consequences of implementing particular actions. As well as, the areas where you should need to improve or need further attention.

You need to make sure it takes place as soon as possible after you complete a project. This will give you a competitive advantage and allow you to keep up with changes in your industry.


What should to include in a post implementation review?

A post implementation docs are about the work that has been done after the project or program. It covers all aspects including the project’s benefits, lessons learned and areas that need improvement. This provides an opportunity to learn and improve.

How does this helps companies?

This is a great opportunity for companies to collect feedback from the client, stakeholders, and employees. They can provide valuable input for future projects. This review will help companies learn about their business performance and take steps towards improvement.

When should you conduct a post-implementation review?

You should need to conduct post implementation review for at least one month as you complete the project. It’s great to conduct it as soon after project completion as possible. This ensures you gain valuable insight into what needs to do to get success for your company.

What is post implementation report?

A post implementation report is a document that summarizes the results of a complete review. It is essential for project leaders to conduct a post-implementation review in order to determine whether or not your company’s strategies have been successful. It’s important to document the project results and make sure you are measuring your success.

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